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  • 11/14/2016

    The IHSAA, with the support of our official associations, is initiating on-line educational courses for officials this year. These courses will count as association meeting credit for tournament officials and offer educational opportunities for both tournament and non-tournament officials.


    Before starting an on-line course, officials must select their primary association. If you do not have a primary association please select the "None" option.  The association group in Arbiter will house counts on all official meeting attendance in the Custom Fields area, if you choose "None" your on-line meeting attendance will be located in the IHSAA Custom Fields. This includes the total number of meetings attended face-to-face, on-line, as a guest and through clinics. The on-line attendance will be updated immediately upon completion of the on-line course.


    Here’s the link for all on-line official meetings…


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