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  • 1/15/2014

    Through the cooperative efforts of ArbiterSports and the IHSAA, we have developed a process for displaying available officials during the Arbiter assigning process.  Arbiter will use a ranking process for displaying officials. This ranking process will include the following factors:

  • 12/18/2013

    Schools can send out two types of e-mails to officials. One is an exclusive game request that can be found in Arbiter. A second type of e-mail is when the school is sending out an e-mail to several officials at the same time to find general interest. In this case, you simply reply to the AD if you are interested. You can tell the difference in the two e-mails by the wording of the e-mail. The first case will make it clear that you need to go to Arbiter to find the game. The second one will simply indicate that you should reply to the e-mail.

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