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  • 11/9/2016



    1.  An official who has been licensed less than two years, or;

    2.  An official who has been licensed more than two years and did not apply for the change in license status or who did not take the certification test or attend a rules meeting or practical clinic in that sport or who did not meet the requirements to move to the next level.



    1.  An official who has been licensed two or more years;

    2.  Who has scored 90% or above on the current certification test;

    3.  Who has completed an IHSAA rules meeting in that sport in the current year and;

    4.  Who has attended the certification practical clinic in that sport in the current or previous year.


    Certification tests and clinics are provided once every year in all sports. 



    1.  A certified official;

    2.  Assigned to work 3 or more tournaments in that IHSAA sport;

    3.  Is an active, participating member in one of the 24 IHSAA recognized officials’ associations and is recommended for this classification in that sport by the local association in which he/she participates;

    4.  To be recommended, the official must also meet three of the following guidelines.

    a.  Be an officer in the association

    b.  IHSAA-approved rules interpreter

    c.  IHSAA-approved clinician

    d.  Be a sports chairperson and conduct association meetings in that sport

    e.  Regularly and actively mentor younger or new officials

    f.  Regular and consistent attendance at meetings for that sport

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